Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Restocked items (:

Just for those best sellers and for those who do not feel like scrolling down. See if anything catches your eyes, and well, email us about it! :D :D

Leggings and vests. Our very best sellers.. they've been restocked! Leggings come in every colour shown. Email us babes ;)

Yuupp. These have been Restocked! There are still available items that just have to go for we wanna bring in new stocks! So, scroll down, and get great bargains with us! :D Please, please remember to be reasonable though =/

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Super Early Bird update

WOW! We're on a roll! with such a great result of the massive update, we decided to bring in more! And yes, the discounts are till there even for.. new arrivals! it's crazy :D :D

Seeing how CNY is really around the corner, we've brought in a red piece which is simple casual and sweet that still fits the CNY theme :D

Presenting ..

Red Packets

Size : Fits size 4 - 10 (UK) best
Colours : Red in hand, Restockable in Green and Yellow as well.
Note : Lace girls, LACE! how can it not attrat attention? Also, the colours blend so fantastically well. Who know it might actually help you with getting more red packets ;) hahaha. And the buttons! screams chic, doesnt it? :D

Price : RM 39

Multiways elegance

Size : Free size - Fits up to Size 12 (UK)
Colours : Black in hand, Restockable in Flamming Red, Grass Green, Mandarin Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Chocolate Brown and Snow White.
Note : This one piece can be worn is as many ways as you can create. It's totally versatile and can fit any occasion! Best yet, it's a perfect minidress for petites. I'm 153cm's in height and it fits me well as a minidress :D

Price : RM 30

Ruffles and Pleats are always an in thing that makes us look classy and chic. Here's some which would make you go ga-ga ;)

Silky Curves

Size : Best suited for size 6 -10 (UK)
Colours : Fuschia and Black
Note : The material is really really comfy and it's not cotton but rather lycra like. The inside is refined cotton which is really smooth cooling and very stretchable. This piece will defininely hug your body with a slimming effect and also give off that funky elegant look. Trust us, it's a great catch ;) Psst - you definitely cant find this in other shops, it's really rare and we've caught it ;)

Price : RM 42

Ruffles Cosplay

Size : Suited best for Size 4 - 8 (UK) tagged S size on this piece. Size M available upon request (:
Colours : Black in hand. Restockable in Electric Blue upon request.
Note : Ruffles! how can you not love it? It's perfect for work, college, a casual day out. It's just so great for any occasion! Quite an self explainatory piece no? (:

Price : RM 45

Ruffles Elite

Size : Fits best on Size 6 - 10 (UK)
Colours : Purple in hand, Restockable in Brown, Beige and Black.
Note : Perfect for a casual day, Or a day at work, better still during presentation, you're guarenteed to stick out among the others with this beautiful piece. Every stitching is refined. Also, notice the sash?? It's beautiful girls! :D also also! notice the lace details!! To die for! ;)
Quality wise : above average.

Price : RM 47

Finally, This last piece, we bought it specifically for ourselves. and we love it to bits!! BUT, we're sharing the joy! The pictures doesnt really show the flow of the piece, it's suppose to hug your hips thus giving you a full body hugging dress that's gonna make you uber hot! We spotted this selling in boutiques at a whooping price of RM79.90!! Ridiculously high. We're selling it, upon request at a fraction of the price.

Oriental Glamour

Size : Fis size 6-12 (UK) Really stretchable to size 14, but i suggest not as it's a body hugging dress (:
Colours : Ours is purple. We can restock in Electric Blue, and maybe purple as well.
Note : Superb quality all over. every detail is perfect right down to every last stitching. Material is top notch quality lycra. you'll love it as much as we do! Guarenteed! (says the proud owners of this dress) :D

Price : RM 65

Till next time, we're signing off! Remember to mail us! ;)

Aphrodite Touch - Bringing you only the BEST! (:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MASSIVE update!

We bring you one massive update right here right now. And best yet, things are on CNY discounts! Quickly grab them before they run out. Prices during this festival is negotiable. email us! but of course, be reasonable (:

Discounts valid till : 7th February 2009 (ended)

As we promised, a whole new range of odd and ends of must haves is coming your way. And what a great way to kick off with our very first wave of bags!

Presenting out very first bag for sale (:

Elegant Twister

Price : RM 58
Colours : Black (Reserved) and Brown(Sold)
Material : Leather
Compartments : 3 main sections inside, 2 zipper sections inside, 2 hand phone slots inside and 1 zipper behind
Note : Notice the straps! The twisting straps. how can you not love them? Also, notice the zippers. they have leather bits on them too! :D

How can you not love this piece? The storage space for this one is massive! and the best part is, it wont show a hint of bulkiness at all. Not one bit! This bag is so chic also. Carry in on a casual day to add that elegant element ;) The quality of this bag is to-die-for, top notch! Best be quick before this one sells out!

Next up, we bring you, clinchers. Our very first belts of all types too ;)

The best thing about our clinchers is that they're all for the same price! A whooping low one too!

Price : RM 25

Availability : A (Sold) ,B , C , D (Sold) , E (Sold) , F (Sold)

We also bring you a range of dresses. Well, it may not exactly suit the CNY theme, but hey! we're selling the at the CNY discounted prices (they will be in red)! ;) how fab is that? :D

The Elsey Dress - black left, hurry!

Size : Free Size - Up to size 12 (UK)
Colours : Black, Red (Sold) , Purple (Sold)
Availability : Not Restockable
Note : The bust area is totally padded. yuuup! padded! so, no worries about getting new lingerie just because this piece is low cut ;) Also, it's a tie back piece thus, it's the perfect number to accentuate your curves!

Price : RM 45

Flowered Geometrics - Sold out

Size : Up to size 10 (UK)
Colours : Black (Sold) , Brown (Sold) , Purple (Sold)
Availability : Might be restockable
Note : This piece is fully lycra! yup, smooth, crease free and totally flattering on the body! Also, with the adjustable straps, the different ways of wearing this one is limitless! Notice too how the design gives a slimming effect on they body ;)

Price : RM 48

Released Jailbird

Size : Up to size 10 (UK)
Availability : 2 pieces
Note : Made of top quality coton, this one will definitely turn heads around. All the straps are totally adjustable and can be hidden too! one heck of a catch no? This design if you notice, is quite sweet, notice the bottom frills and the grip around the bust area. Pair it up with a nice clincher and wah-lah a prefect dres for any occasion ;)

Price : RM 38

Now, we bring up the tops.

Intertwiner - fuchsia and teal left

Size : Fits size 6 - 10 (UK) best
Availability : 1 piece in each colour
Colours : Fuchsia , Teal , Purple (Sold) , Black (Sold), White (Sold)
Note : This one sold like hotcakes in many other blog shops so we've brought this in too, and at a lower price! It's totally self explanatory, quickly grab it before it's gone :D

Price : RM 42

Korean Butterfly - sold out

Size : Free size - up to size 14 (UK)
Availabilty : Restockable
Colours : Flaming Red (Sold) , Black (Sold) , Purple (Sold) , Teal (Sold)
Note : This piece is very very very stretchable and still, it hugs all the right parts. Great for hiding the tummies especially for the festive season too! Material is somewhat like lyrca but it isnt. Dont really know how to describle it, but trust us, it's AWEZOM!

Price : RM 46

Restocked : (17/1/09) - black (x3) , Red (x2) , Teal (x3) : ALL SOLD
Restocked : (24/1/09) - black (x2) , Red (x2) : ALL SOLD

Frilly Smocked

Size : Fits size 6 - 12 (UK) best
Availability : Might be restockable
Colours : Purple, Pink, Green
Note : Simple yet sweet piece. Made of lycra and is very stretchable. Smocked below the bust to help boost up those precious assets ;) Remarkable low price for a great catch!

Price : RM 36

Finally, before ending this post. here's an update of what's available for sale still so far (:

Check the older posts for more info on these items (: Or, email us for further inquiries. Remember, for the festive season, prices are negotiable! ;) While stocks lasts. teehee!


Aphrodite Touch - Bringing you only the BEST!

*picture referencing of elegant twister to behind the seams*